A Mask that Earns its Keep

A few years ago I spent a month in Istanbul. I arrived on January 1st and it promptly started snowing. I was renting a little apartment in Taksim that was, uh, not great. The bathroom had a broken window and a shower head positioned in the middle of the tiny room so that every time I bathed the entire room became soaked and then, since the window was broken and it was snowing outside the entire room would freeze. Literally become covered in frost. In any case, I loved Turkey and I’d go back in a heartbeat. The people were lovely, the city was lovely, the food was lovely, everything was lovely even the damn frozen bathroom.

One of my favourite things about traveling is going to the grocery stores in a new country. I can wander around in the aisle forever checking out all the cool shit that they have that we don’t have in Canada. Some of my favourite things to buy at the grocery store in Istanbul included chilli flakes, dried thyme, plain yogurt, and tins of dolmades. Okay, okay, I know, we have all of those things in Canada but they are SO much better there. I brought everyone little packs of thyme and chilli flakes as gifts and everyone was like  you know you can get this at Safeway right. Whatever guys.

So there I was, enjoying my dried spices in my frozen apartment, when I decided that it had been way too long since I took a minute for some selfcare grooming stuff. I’d been hosteling and traveling for many months by that point. I was barely washing my hair let alone applying face masks. Plus I was pretty broke by that point and didn’t have money to spend SO, I went to the hulking tub of delicious plain yogurt I’d purchased from the corner grocery store and I applied it all over my face in a thin layer. I’d heard before that yogurt makes a good face mask and I think I probably tried it when I was younger even, but for some reason I never really paid attention to how awesome it is until I was in Istanbul. Maybe it was because I didn’t have a lot to focus on at night other than what the skin on my face felt like etc.

Long story short–this shit works! It makes my skin smoother and if I have any pimples coming in (is it a weekday or weekend? then I probably do) it seems to zap them pretty fast while also evening my skin tone as a whole.

I don’t do this super regularly mostly because I always forget how awesome it is, and then suddenly my skin’s looking rough and it seems negligent to drop $20 on some fancy face mask that may or may  not work, so I go scrounging in my kitchen for something and voila–dear old yogurt steps up to the task. And boy does she deliver.



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