Clear Skies Ahead: A Supplement for Acne

I’ve tried pretty much everything for my skin. I’d like to say this is because I’m proactive, but it’s mostly because I’m impatient. I try cutting out gluten for a few weeks, don’t see results so I hop over to topically applied oregano oil that burns, so I try out Cetaphil and BP which works but leaves my skin dry and dull, and so on and so on. Maybe I’ve tried the magical combo before and I just didn’t stick it out long enough. In any case, I’m onto something that’s been working–yay–within two weeks of use.

Thanks to this video from the awesome Organic Olivia, I decided to give Lysine a try. I’ve used Lysine in the past because I’d read about its Immune boosting abilities. It’s an amino acid that can be found in some foods–beef, chicken, lentils, quinoa to name a few–and is used in the biosynthesis of protein. It’s a supplement that can be used to prevent and speed the healing of the Herpes Virus as well, and it helps boost the production of collagen. Sounds pretty great for skin, right?

Anyways, I’m sick of spending $$$ on supplements and treatments at this point, so I was happy to see this is an accessible and affordable vitamin. I got mine from Amazon for $10.

What I’ve noticed after a couple weeks use:
Okay so I’ve taken this in the past, as mentioned. But it was more in coordination with trying to boost my immune system after a number of rounds of antibiotics, so I wasn’t paying any attention to my skin at that time. This time around, I’ve been taking 1000-2000 mg a day, and I noticed the effects by day three, no joke. My active pimples flattened out and the redness was significantly reduced. This has pretty much kept up at a steady rate, and my skin’s looking the clearest it has in ages.


I should mention that I’m using it in conjunction with this skincare routine, which has been helping as well, and I cut out the birth control pill as well. This is one step in my hormone-balancing-toxic-cruelty-free-simplified-selfcare regime, and it’s working in coordination with a number of other factors but DAMN, it’s been one of the most noticeable factors by far.



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